MOVE IT MAMA has the overall package: For pregnancy, recovery from day 1 and back-in-shape training

We frequently receive questions about the structure of MOVE IT MAMA. Moms want to know: Is there only a workout plan for during pregnancy? No! MOVE IT MAMA is much more than that! We not only guide you safely through all trimesters, but also through the first weeks after birth, recovery and provide workouts for mommy time. Our training is targeted at both beginners and the more advanced among you. So you can expect much more than birth preparation and classic postpartum classes. Today we explain our concept in detail.

Exercise during pregnancy (Mama-To-Be)

We’ve developed a workout plan for you that is tailored to each stage of your pregnancy! So you don’t have to worry about which exercises are appropriate at which stage – we’ll take care of that for you! ­čÖé The exercises were developed and compiled together with an international team of experts. Consisting of sports scientists, professional and experienced trainers, all of whom are mothers themselves. A team of midwives and gynecologists have also put the program through its paces and endorsed it!

In each trimester, you’ll find different mom workouts that cover all the major areas: body toning, cardio, pelvic floor mobilization and abdominal stabilization, butt training to stretching and relaxation. Starting with slightly more challenging workouts that are still possible in the first trimester to gentle exercise sessions in the last trimester. Everything is included for you. In our MOVE IT MAMA training plan you can read exactly about the training in the individual trimesters.

With this ultimate mommy fitness program, you’ll prepare your body optimally for birth, alleviate pregnancy discomforts, and support a better postpartum recovery. In our blog article on the topic: 5 reasons why exercise is important for you during pregnancy, you can find out exactly what benefits you will gain as a Mama-To-Be!

The first weeks after birth and recovery (new mama)

Directly after the birth you can start again with MOVE IT MAMA. Because already the postpartum exercises are not to be despised. The one or other midwife might have shown exercises, but if you don’t want to or can’t rely on that, MOVE IT MAMA gives you the right program for it.

Are a little skeptical? Don’t be! I can reassure you, this is not a fitness challenge but a gentle program that stimulates your self-healing powers, stimulates the pelvic floor and comes up with first gentle exercises for the abdominal muscles and the back formation.

Only after the official “go” from your doctor, which you will receive about six weeks after the birth, you will then start with the postnatal program. For us it’s the postnatal phase 1. Here you can expect classic workouts for the pelvic floor and your core, as well as workouts that will strengthen and tone your entire body and make you sweat!

Here, both sports beginners and sports enthusiasts get their money’s worth. There are easier modifications and more difficult variations to all exercises, which are already feasible in this phase. By the way, you can of course start this program later, but I personally do not advise you to give up exercising in the first weeks after birth. But if you start much later, then you will start with our recovery program, which is our postnatal phase 1. But don’t worry we won’t leave you alone with this. After the completion of this postnatal phase we will upgrade with two more phases. Because only then your body is ready to take off again and if you like you are now ready and can fully concentrate on the back-in-shape workouts of phase 2 and 3.

You might ask yourself until when you can start again after the birth?┬áThen of course you don’t start with the postpartum workouts anymore but with the postnatal phase 1, which gives you the start into the real fitness. Again, the different workout series from the areas of cardio body toning, pelvic floor, abdomen, muscle training, stretching and relaxation await you.

The 10 most important tips for a healthy & fit pregnancy

The 10 most important tips for a fit, healthy & sexy After-Baby-Body

Back-in-Shape-Training (Mama)

You are now a mom for a longer time and just not happy with your figure? We accompany you instead: in another three postnatal phases to the absolute desired figure – set yourself a challenge! Here the name says it all, instead of birth preparation and monotonous breathing exercises in the postnatal class (which are not to be despised, but of course still far from helping you to the absolute dream figure) you get a full body program from muscle toning to cardio to power pelvic floor! With the right exercise program, your body will be toned and beautiful, so you’ll feel absolutely comfortable in your skin and probably much more confident than before! You will finally leave annoying pelvic floor weakness behind you. And you can also say goodbye to a belly that still looks like “pregnant in the sixth month”.

Tight thighs, firm buttocks and beautiful shoulders – this doesn’t have to remain a dream despite child, job and family. Our goal is to support you with short and crisp workout units. Birte knows that you have to use the little time you have as a mom wisely. And I am happy to accompany you on this special journey. Gladly from the beginning of pregnancy, postpartum and regression to mommy workout. But as I said, you can always join me later! Important is my motto: KEEP IT MOVING, MAMA!!!

The postnatal program helps you get back in shape quickly, but it also comes with many other benefits for mamas. In our blog article: 5 reasons why exercise is important for you after pregnancy we show you how exactly you can benefit from it.

Dear Mom, I hope I was able to answer all your questions about MOVE IT MAMA today. Otherwise, feel free to contact our team of experts or me directly.

I would like to accompany you on this Mama-Journey as best as possible, give you security in all phases and prepare you and your body for the birth with varied workouts. My motivation for MOVE IT MAMA is to ensure a quick recovery after birth and to help you feel fit and well in your mommy body as soon as possible. That’s what I work for every day with my team of experts, and that’s why we are there for you around the clock! Start today with your individual mommy training plan and feel the change!


Keep it Moving,

Your Birte

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