5 reasons why sports during pregnancy is important for you

Fitness, sports, exercise is nowadays for many of us an integral part of our everyday life. Especially during the current corona crisis and the associated lockdown regulations, sporting activities have become increasingly important. Even during pregnancy, exercise is extremely important. As women we often doubt whether sport with a baby’s tummy is healthy at all, so we have listed 5 reasons for you here why sport during pregnancy keeps you healthy and is important for you and your baby!

1. Physical and mental well-being of mother and child

Athletic women generally have an easier pregnancy and birth than less active women. According to a study by the Psychological Institute of the Sports University of Cologne, for example, they need less painkillers during birth, episiotomy is also less frequent and women get fit again more quickly after birth. In addition, women who are active in sports suffer less from pregnancy complaints, such as back pain, etc., during pregnancy. 

Through sufficient exercise and the associated fat reduction, weight gain remains within a clear range. Fitness exercises often help to avoid thrombosis and varicose veins and to activate the rather sluggish intestinal activity during pregnancy. Pregnancy diabetes can also be prevented by sufficient exercise, as can metabolic disorders, overweight and cardiovascular diseases later in your child’s life.

2. Optimal preparation for the birth

Our body is better supplied with oxygen during sports activities and the immune system is strengthened. Thus you will be fitter for the coming birth. Athletic women feel less pain in labour and generally have easier births.

Courses such as yoga or Pilates help you to control your breath through breathing exercises and to learn relaxation techniques that you can use during the later birth.

3. Positive development of the baby 

As already mentioned, the body and thus the unborn child is better supplied with oxygen during active activities. Through the movements and sounds it experiences new stimuli, which has a positive effect on its later development. If the mother sits around a lot during pregnancy and is hardly active, the baby is little stimulated and bored in the belly.

Besides, sport makes your baby smart, yes, you heard right! In the EEG examinations a higher brain activity was measured on the 8th and 12th day of life. The Canadian study confirmed that it remains the same in the future life of the baby.



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4. Stronger self-esteem

It is not only during pregnancy that we women feel no longer comfortable in our own bodies. Through the many sports activities you increase your well-being and simply feel better and more comfortable in your own body. During the sports exercises you not only strengthen your body and build up muscles, but also your self-confidence. You will get to know your body better and know how to correctly assess certain signals, for example when the first contractions begin.

5. Goodbye to depression

I am sure everyone of us knows the feeling after doing sports. We usually feel better and are in a good mood. This happens because our body releases a lot of hormones during the act, which your baby also gets by the way.

Especially activities in the fresh air, which are very popular with everyone during the lockdown, are good for the mind and also lead to a better sleep rhythm and a restful sleep. So-called postpartum depression is also less common among women who are active in sports.

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