Your training plan

MOVE IT MAMA provides you with a training plan tailored precisely to your needs in the various pre- and post-birth stages. Pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks, so you should give your body just as much time to bounce back.

MOVE IT MAMA courses are designed in such a way as to allow you to jump in at a later date or continue training indefinitely as a general fitness program for moms after the recovery phase.



Trimester 1

Week 1 to 12

You're pregnant, and your body is going through some hormonal changes. Maybe you get tired more quickly than usual; you feel sick, dizzy, and your moods are like a roller coaster? Don't worry about your baby: a moderate amount of exercise is a great way to regain some balance. There are six workouts waiting for you.

Trimester 2

Week 13 to 27

Welcome to the 'easy' phase of pregnancy. Many women find this the most comfortable time of pregnancy. With the right training, you can stay in shape as best as you can, stave off back ache, and help kickstart your metabolism. Our goal is to gain weight healthily and prepare as best as we can for birth. MOVE IT MAMA offers you different series for cardio, body strengthing, core, pelvic floor, booty and relaxing exercises.

Trimester 3

Week 27-40 (or childbirth)

Now you're on the home stretch: you're finding that exercise isn't quite as easy anymore. You might also be suffering from some shortness of breath. However, some gentle workouts can be helpful even in this phase. You can stay fit and flexible with MOVE IT MAMA’s variety of workouts tailored to your special needs in this final phase of pregnancy.


Postpartum Recovery & Regeneration

Week 1-6

Everything is new and different; all of a sudden you have a wonderful new baby who is demanding your attention around the clock. It's a challenging yet beautifully exciting time. Taking a walk in the fresh air with a stroller helps you to replenish your energies. Gentle exercise and your first pelvic floor exercises help you heal. The SPECIAL 15 has been developed especially for this period.

Postnatal Training: Phase 1

Time frame 11 weeks: Recovery & Getting Back Into The Swing

Got the official green light from your doctor? Start as soon as you feel like it with Phase 1 of recovery. Don't worry: Every program is tailored precisely to the requirements of precisely this phase. In this phase you will find mainly classic recovery exercises. They are ideal for the re-entry after birth! Both beginners and sports enthusiasts will get their money's worth here. By the way: you can still start with the postnatal program 3 years after birth! #betterlatethannever

Postnatal Training: Phase 2

Time frame 11 weeks: Body Structure, Strength & Toning

Everything has healed well; slowly but surely you're acclimating to this new life. You may already have settled into a good rhythm and can plan your baby's sleep routines and work in some time for the 15 to 30-minute MOVE IT MAMA program.

Postnatal Training: Phase 3

Time frame 12 weeks: Super Fit Mama Masterclass

Time to step on the gas. After this phase, you have regained your pre-pregnancy fitness levels and might even be fitter than before, so you can officially call yourself a tried-and-true Fitness Mama. If you like, you can keep doing these six workouts from Phase 3 – in fact, all the other programs from the MOVE IT MAMA series – after you reach the end of your 40-week journey.

Workout Series

There are six different workout series for each trimester and each phase of recovery.

Toning & Muscle Definition

01 // Whole Body Shape Up

Tone and define your muscles all over. Gentle training that focuses on your upper or lower body separately, helping you build up a fine “corset muscle” during pregnancy and giving your ligaments and connective tissue the necessary support for dealing with increasing weight strain. It also helps you reduce the risk of the typical complaints and poor posture associated with pregnancy. In the recovery phase, your heart rate will increase thanks to innovative whole-body combination exercises and targeting particular muscle groups. Well-defined muscles and a higher pulse help you burn more calories, tone up your body and get the figure you want more quickly. To intensify the training, we use dumbbells, a gym ball and mini resistance bands.

6 x 30 Minutes

Fatburner & Stamina

02 // Mama's Cardio Burn

A diverse range of whole-body interval workouts that build up your stamina pre-& post baby.
They help you gain weight healthily during your pregnancy ‒ because pregnancy and a nice, taut body are not mutually exclusive. The result is that you stop running out of breath so fast, and it’s great preparation for the marathon of birthing. We exercise at a pulse rate that’s good for your unborn baby, and we avoid jumps and twists. After delivery, we gradually build up your fitness and stamina with interval units in a gentle bootcamp style: it’s high-intensity training which also targets the last remaining bits of flab. The aim is get as least as fit as you were before the birth.

6 x 30 minutes

Stretching, Fascia Roller and Relaxation

03 // Relax&Roll It Mama

During pregnancy, exercises gradually get slower and more sedate; poor posture such as a hollow back might start creeping in. As a young mother, constant breastfeeding and feeding as well as hours of carrying your baby around lead to further examples of poor posture, back pain and tension. We take a preventative approach to these complaints, alleviating any symptoms with fascia rollers (for self-massage) and special stretching flows. This eases muscle tension, smooths out glued fascia and stretches your whole body beautifully. In the relaxation segment, breathing meditations help you replenish your energy reserves. In addition to fascia rollers, we use a gym ball and mini resistance bands.

4 x 30 minutes

Tummy Muscles & Lower Back

04 // Mama's Little Middle

Pregnancy and the time that follows require special training for your core. Lots of the well-known stomach exercises are now off the table. But a good, lateral stomach musculature and a strong lower back will help you bear your baby’s weight pain-free. Lateral stomach muscles form a great core even in pregnancy. After the birth, we pay attention to possible instances of abdominal separation: in the first few phases, we avoid crunches and concentrate on side planks ‒ we put a lot of innovation into the mix! This enables you to tauten the deeper stomach muscles for a nice, flat stomach. We sometimes use weights, gym ball and mini resistance bands.

6 x 15 minutes

Pelvic Floor

05 // Mama Works the Floor

Special breathing techniques help you understand the complexity of the pelvic floor, to be used in a targeted fashion during pregnancy, during the birth and afterwards: it’s just as important to stabilize and tense the pelvic floor muscles as it is to relax them. A well-functioning pelvic floor musculature forms the perfect corset for your organs and your body. It prevents and alleviates side effects such as incontinence and diffuse back pain. The icing on the cake is that a flexible pelvis can have a wonderful effect on your libido and your love life. We train with and without the gym ball and mini resistance bands.

5 x 15 minutes

Sexy Ass & Legs

06 // Mama's Booty Booster

Curvy and delicious! Drawing inspiration from bar training and pilates, you can minimize the risk of unsightly skin bulges, shaping your butt even during pregnancy. In the recovery phase, we tone and shape your butt with squats, effective jumps and special body weight exercises designed for the ass, tailored to every phase. Forget your droopy mom butt and cellulite, it’s time for skintight leggings! In pregnancy, a stool or fascia roller helps you get the right balance. Using weights, a gym ball and mini resistance bands, you can intensify the exercises.

4 x 15 minutes

Postpartum Recovery & Regeneration

07 // SPECIAL 15

Believe in yourself and leave body worries behind you: 15 minutes that help you forget the stress of birth. These midwife-approved exercises help you alleviate complaints like swollen feet; gentle stimulation of the pelvic floor, venous valves and breathing meditations ensure a sense of wellbeing and stand you in good stead for the recovery workouts to follow.



"My mission: to help other mommies be happy and feel better throughout this special time in your life."

"I did all the MOVE IT MAMA workouts throughout my own pregnancy, post partum recovery and beyond! I saw the benefits for myself and now I want to motivate you to start your own Mama fitness journey."

Birte Glang


"You just feel so much better with these workouts throughout your pregnancy, postpartum recovery and beyond!"

"The workouts are intense but at a level that works for everyone and there are different modifications throughout every workout."

Lacee Green

Certified Personal Trainer/ Owner of Laced Fitness Studio / Mommy

"MOVE IT MAMA is more interesting and more challenging for moms than any other mommy fitness program I know of."

"I think it’s great bringing 3 pre- and postnatal workouts to all the moms because they will recover quicker."

Kristy Shields

Kinesiology Expert/ Ex Canadian Bobsleigh Team/ Personal Trainer Pre- & Postnatal Fitness Specialist/ Mommy

"MOVE IT MAMA will kick your butt and will get you into better shape then you were pre-pregnancy"

"When you’re done with this program and through all three phases you’ve not only recovered but you have helped to take care of your body. You will have also gotten to a place where you maybe have never been before in terms of you fitness level."

Jamie McFaden

Personal Trainer/Group Exercise Instructor/ Pre-& Postnatal Fitness Specialist/Senior Master Trainer for Jillian Michaels/ Supervision MOVE IT MAMA Postnatal Workouts

"Thanks to MOVE IT MAMA and better nutrition I’ve felt so much stronger and fitter this pregnancy."

"Unlike with my first I’ve had no back pain or other aches and issues - it’s helping me with my very active toddler!"

Nicola N. (36)


"Move it mama works hand-in-hand with midwifery."

"It's a very well-developed and diverse offering for all women during and after pregnancy."

Maike Tiemann


"The workouts keep me feeling confident and fit throughout my pregnancy and specifically in the problem areas that pregnancy so brings."

"And since they're not too long, they also integrate really well into my work day."

Meike V. (38)


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Birte and her program MOVE IT MAMA. I got a whole new attitude towards life."

"Through the numerous and varied training sessions, I really got into sports, the individual exercises very well and simply explained. The exercises can be done perfectly at home, in the garden or living room. So you save a lot of time, can integrate the child and every mommy knows that you no longer have the time span to always go to the gym. I am happy that I came across this concept!"

Sabrina K. (37)


"I love MOVE IT MAMA and that's as a self-confessed "couch potato" and mama of two!"

"The program of Move it Mama accompanies you from the first day of pregnancy to the workout afterwards, step by step I was back in shape! As a mom of two and a stay-at-home mom, there is hardly any time for a gym and the right guidance at home is just gold!"

Natalie L. (26)


"I am a big fan of Move it Mama. After having my 2nd child, it was more of a challenge to get back into shape, after all, you're not getting any younger."

"I was fit faster than I would have thought and have felt very comfortable in my skin ever since. Birte absolutely knows how to motivate and it's really fun. So why stop, Move it Mama continues to accompany me through my everyday life and my son is already 2 years old!"

Andrea T. (42)