MOVEITMAMA: the world’s most comprehensive training concept for pregnant women and mothers in postnatal regression

Developed by BIRTE GLANG – actress, model, fitness junkie, qualified lawyer and mom

Getting pregnant? Having a child? All this was (still) far away for the sporty actress Birte Glang. But sometimes things turn out differently than you think – and much faster than planned…


Playboy Cover and Story May 2019

The fact that Birte Glang dropped her clothes was surprising for many.
Actually, Birte didn’t want to take her clothes off for Playboy, and the offer came as a surprise after she had denied it several times before.
But when you become a mother, a lot changes.

“I was never proud of what I have already achieved or would also have feared that other people talk funny when I show myself in Playboy, but through the birth of my son I am a new person: much more self-confident also a bit proud of myself, my body and MOVE IT MAMA.”


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Fit for Fun article

Some articles are also special for Birte Glang. And just FIT FOR FUN accompanies foundress Birte Glang already for a long time.

All the nicer that such a renowned fitness magazine, of all things, reports on Birte.

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Fit for fun column

Now you will find out how it really was with Birte Glang. Birte shares all her private experiences from her own pregnancy with you in a column at FIT FOR FUN. Under the headline: “Pregnancy column: Pregnant! And now? How much sport is still healthy. The first column is generally about sport during pregnancy and the myths associated with it.

first pregnancy column

In the second “Pregnancy column: The best tips and exercises for the second trimester” Birte shares her experiences and knowledge about pregnancy. This one is explicitly about the second trimester. Find out now which fitness exercises Birte recommends for strong tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints!

second pregnancy column

Here Birte tells you about the dos and don’ts of sports in the third trimester, i.e. at the end of pregnancy. Get tips now on how to prevent stretch marks and water retention.

third pregnancy column

In the last column you will learn more about nutrition during pregnancy. Here Birte tells you which vitamins and nutrients are important and what you should cut out.

fourth pregnancy column

Mom founders support mom founders

We are especially happy that Mara Mea did such a nice interview with Birte Glang, the founder of MOVE IT MAMA about sports during pregnancy, being a mom and being an entrepreneur.

Mara Mea stands for innovative maternity wear, nursing wear, diaper bags and accessories and has a clear idea of how everything should look. High quality and functional. Recently, the first sports line is also available.

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Belly bandit

Belly Bandit is the company that accompanied Birte Glang through her own pregnancy and regression. Only absolute power women work in this company, most of them mommies themselves. And they are experts in their field.

Whether it’s a belly belt, wrap or corsage – here you’ll find everything you need.

As with MOVE IT MAMA, the company was born out of necessity, because there were not enough products on the market. And today BELLY BANDIT is one of the hottest companies in this field in the USA.

BELLY BANDIT asked Birte as an expert to present some exercises during pregnancy and to talk in general about fitness during pregnancy.

Read the whole report here:

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Now Birte Glang reveals her founder secret to you! In an interview with Grü, Birte gives an insight into the founding story of MOVE IT MAMA. Starting with the idea generation, continuing with the planning and ending with the actual founding of the company.

Birte shares her founder tips and explains how to avoid mistakes.

Grü Ltd is an up-and-coming and rapidly expanding company in the field of founder consulting and online marketing. They offer high-quality content in this area in the form of strategies, tips and news, and play a key role in helping their customers become more successful entrepreneurs.

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Mrs. City Berlin shares in the new article about #MomPreneurs. Find out how four women, including Birte, combine child and career. In the article you will learn some personal info about Birte and the other business moms, as well as more about the creation of the MOVE IT MAMA idea! In addition, there are useful tips for self-employed moms regarding stress in the new everyday life.

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FIT FOR FUN is one of the most renowned fitness magazines. The magazine has been accompanying Birte for some time now. In the past, there have already been a few common articles on the topic of fitness during pregnancy.

The following article is about one of the most important topics for moms: The pelvic floor. Find out now what benefits pelvic floor training has for you.

Birte Glang also presents a small exercise circuit that women can do regularly to keep the pelvic floor elastic and strong.

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