5 reasons why sports after pregnancy is important for you

Regular exercise and sports activities after pregnancy serve as a perfect balance to everyday stress and help you to get rid of the pregnancy kilos. It is very important that you become active again after a short rest period in the puerperium and start with a fit lifestyle again. You ask yourself why? Here we have listed 5 reasons for you:

1. Mom Power – prepared for the exhausting everyday life

After birth, the body and mind are particularly demanding. Not only does our body have to recover from the strains of birth, but also a small, sweet newborn baby is waiting to be cared for around the clock.

Targeted strengthening exercises can now help you not only to strengthen your muscles and tighten your skin, but also to alleviate typical post-baby complaints such as incontinence, back pain and postural problems caused by carrying, breastfeeding and calming your baby every day.

You feel fitter and more powerful and with this mommy power you can cope well with your new everyday life.

My tip: During the postpartum phase, start with the first gymnastic exercises to mobilize the body and especially the pelvic floor. Don’t wait too long with it! As soon as you have the official okay from your doctor, you should then start with a whole body strengthening training, just like MOVE IT MAMA’s Whole Body Shape Up series.

2. Bye-bye baby pounds

Through sports activities after birth you increase fat burning and manage to reach your normal weight. Especially strength training is very important, because the muscles burn more calories even when resting. Make sure you eat a healthy diet, which together with the training will lead you to maximum success.

My experience: The After-Baby-Body is different from your Pre-Baby-Body but with the right sports program your mommy-body will be tight and beautiful so that you feel absolutely comfortable in your skin and probably even more self-confident than before! Mommies simply have a special charisma.


Why don’t you take your baby with you to training and stay fit together! At mother-child courses your baby is entertained in a varied way and you stay fit. But you can also do your workouts at-home with your baby, in one or the other exercise you simply replace dumbbells with your child, so you both will have a lot of fun! You also serve as a great role model for your little one, who learns early on that sports are part of everyday life, which is an important starting point for a healthy and active life in the future.

My tip: Buy a jogging stroller, even if you shouldn’t jog with it in the first months, it’s the best way to get some fresh air and be active together.

3. Building a mother-child relationship (bonding)

Your baby will benefit a lot if you take him/her to certain mother-child courses or to run, because he/she will be actively involved. In this way, you promote the parent-child relationship through as much physical contact as possible. Trust that being close will do you and your baby a lot of good!

My tip: If your body allows it, use a stretcher or a diaper from the very beginning, so that you always take the first walks together and with a lot of physical contact during the postpartum period of six weeks.

4. Good mood despite lack of sleep

The fact that a young mom chronically suffers from lack of sleep is unfortunately difficult to change, after all our baby needs us around the clock. And sleep deprivation in particular has an additional negative effect on the mind. The hormone change after birth does the rest, it can come to a strong up and down of the feelings. It is perfectly normal to feel overjoyed in one moment and sad in the other.

Sport helps you to reduce mood swings and is usually an effective prophylaxis against postnatal depression. Especially endurance sports are very effective and are a much nicer and cheaper alternative to therapy.

If you can also get an extra cap of sleep, your happiness hormones will make a party of joy!

5. Compensation for everyday stress

In the first weeks after the birth and even far beyond – it can be very stressful for us women, regular sport helps to keep you busy and create a great balance. With a good physical condition, which you build up in particular through specific mom cardio training, you can master everyday life, even with a baby, much easier. Relaxation exercises, like in our workout series Relax and Roll it Mama, help you to increase your physical and mental well-being.

My tip: Install the breathing meditation from Relax and Roll it Mama even after nightly breastfeeding, it helped me fall asleep faster.


I hope I could motivate you and

Keep it Moving,
Your Birte.

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