Podcasts with Birte Glang

MY LIFE AS A MOM, LAW GRADUATE, HORSE LOVER, ACTRESS AND MODEL. This podcast is something very special! Because I tell you about my past and share a lot of private things. Here you will probably get to know Birte all over again! I tell you not only about the mom-life, but my love for horses, about my law degree, the film career and modeling and how I manage to reconcile the different worlds under one hat... Enjoy listening! 🙂
Dear mom, in a podcast with LEBEN&ERZIEHEN I was asked 22 questions about sports in pregnancy, postpartum, regression and mommy training! Get now a few personal tips from me on topics such as: overcoming the pig dog about the right diet in pregnancy to what makes a good back formation course. The podcast is already available on from 27.7. If you drum for it, post gladly this link on your social media to it: There's a great offer for our followers (3 months Podimo for 99 cents). You can cancel at any time, even three seconds after signing up!
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