Sex life, body control and more – benefits of a trained pelvic floor

Today MOVE IT MAMA is all about pelvic floor training. In line with my article that you can find in the FIT FOR FUN print edition of 06/16/2021, I here explain to you why you, dear mom, should never neglect your pelvic floor during and after pregnancy.

Many women don’t give their pelvic floor the attention it needs, especially during pregnancy, and then settle for a too-simple regression course. You should avoid this mistake! And one thing in advance, regular pelvic floor training brings more benefits than most Mommies-To-Be would initially suspect.

What are the positive effects of a trained pelvic floor?

Of course, anyone who has done a bit of research on prenatal and postnatal training knows what an essential role the pelvic floor plays during pregnancy and the time after. Not only does it stabilize your posture, but it also supports your growing baby. Mobilization and relaxation can also significantly reduce the risk of ongoing pregnancy incontinence and create the basis for faster recovery. Once your baby arrives, proper pelvic floor training can also help you regain control of your body.

Did you know? A flexible pelvic floor can actively support you during birth, making it shorter and less painful.


In addition to the more practical benefits of a strengthened core, repeated training has another extremely positive side effect: your desire for sex is increased. In addition, the sensitivity of your intimate area increases, making you more aware of sexual arousal and catapulting your sex life to the next level!

As studies show, an elastic pelvic floor is not only beneficial in everyday life, but also unfolds its superpower in the bedroom. By the way, this also applies to men! So, your partner and you can enjoy the moments as a couple even more intensively 😉.


Great results almost without sweat

You’re ready to take back control of your body and can’t wait to start your first workout session? Watch out, sweaty or endurance exercises are not necessary to get your pelvic floor in top shape. The best results are achieved with a combination of focused breathing and targeted tensing. Yes, that’s right, instead of strength or endurance training, continuity is the magic word. Regular training consisting of breathing, tensioning and relaxation exercises will bring you the desired firmness, elasticity and stability that you need right now, when you are constantly carrying your child with (or in) you.

While it is especially important to focus on the elasticity of the second and third pelvic floor layers during pregnancy, you should focus on the kegel muscles for postpartum training. Of course, at each stage of your pregnancy, the exercises that are best for you will differ. Therefore, our MOVE IT MAMA workout plan also adapts to your needs.

With the right exercises, the first results will be noticeable after just a few weeks. Nothing stands in your way to an increased libido and a more self-confident appearance due to a better posture!

As with all training sessions, you should avoid overstraining your pelvic floor. I recommend that you always take a rest day between workouts, especially at the beginning, so that your pelvic floor can recover.

Activation of the three pelvic floor layers

Here I have a short exercise for you that you can easily integrate into your daily routine. This is basic breathing for a strong pelvic floor.


A Lower pelvic floor layer: Stand upright with your feet a little over shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent. Brace your hips with your hands. Inhale, closing body openings in the intimate area as if you were pulling slightly inward through these openings (urethra, vagina & anus). Hold briefly. Exhale and relax again, maintaining starting position.

B Middle pelvic floor layer: Inhale, pulling ischial tuberosities toward anus or even tailbone. Hold briefly and let sink back again.

C Upper pelvic floor layer: Now inhale and pull the belly button towards the sternum, at the same time pull the tailbone up along the spine towards the crown of the head. Hold briefly, then exhale and lower again.

Duration: 3 to 5 breaths for each variation.

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I hope this post will help you not only to prepare for the birth of your baby with athleticism and confidence, but also to feel stronger and fitter in your everyday mommy life 🙂 If you’re still worried and unsure about which pelvic floor exercises you’re exactly allowed to do, check out our MAMA WORKS THE FLOOR workout series.

Adapted to your pregnancy, these mommy exercises are an important part of a balanced training plan and will round out any fitness program. Trust me, the exercises will pay off!

If you want to learn even more about pelvic floor training, you can find my detailed article on the subject in the print edition of FIT FOR FUN from 06/16/2021. I’ve also put together a little exercise circuit for you and all young moms there to help you keep your pelvic floor elastic and strong. So, what are you waiting for? 😊


Keep it Moving,

Yours, Birte.

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