Proteine in Schwangerschaft

How much protein is really appropriate in your pregnancy?

Nutrition during pregnancy is one of the most important topics for an expectant mother. Now more than ever: You are what you eat and that doubly :-) Because as you have already learned in previous articles, the right diet for you and your little one brings many benefits. And also...

Why you should enjoy cheese with caution during pregnancy

Today it is explicitly about the so controversial topic: cheese during pregnancy. You've probably heard the myth that is so widespread: "Keep your hands off cheese during pregnancy!" But is that really true and should mommies-to-be really give up cheese completely? We'll get to the bottom of that today....

healthy nutrition during pregnancy

Healthy nutrition during pregnancy

Nutrition during pregnancy is a topic around which many myths, well-intentioned advice and half-truths are rampant. What is really allowed to eat during this time and how much more is allowed? What should I do without during this time? It is undisputed that a balanced diet is good for the body....