New MOVE IT MAMA App: More Workouts, More Features, More Choice

Dear Mom, today we have something really great to announce! Our app is being redesigned for you, more workouts, more choices, more features and very soon. I myself am very happy, especially because we are following the wishes of our moms. Because #HappyMama #HappyBaby. Your well-being is our top priority! In today’s blog article, we’ll show you a little insight into what you can look forward to with the new MOVE IT MAMA app!

Your weekly plan

Every week, a varied training plan consisting of different workouts is compiled for you, dear mom. On the one hand, there are the workouts from the 7 workout series suitable for your phase and on the other hand 3 Workouts of the Week, which change every week.

The Workout-Series

  7. SPECIAL 15

Whether it’s cardio, muscle training, booty workouts, ab workouts, pelvic floor series, or stretching sessions, you’ll find everything you need for the right mom workout! In your weekly schedule, you’ll find the workouts that are just right for your current trimester.

You can learn even more about the workout series and the workout plan itself here: MOVE IT MAMA training plan.

My personal tip: Do each of the suggested workouts at least once a week. This way you work your body holistically. Of course, you can also do your favorite workout more often. 🙂

Workout of the Week

In your weekly training plan you can now also find the “Workout of the Week”.

Every week Birte and her team of experts have selected 3 different shorter workouts that you can do in addition or as a replacement for one of the above workouts. So you can decide for yourself if you want to do one of them or all three. These workouts are a change from the usual weekly workouts.

Mom Workout

For the very fast ones

The sports pros among you will be especially happy about a great new feature.

In the postnatal period, you can even manually skip individual weeks in the four postnatal phases in the new app. So if you already feel fit enough, you can shorten the phases from, say, 11 weeks to 5 weeks.

But actually this feature was added for the reason that – if for some reason – you are thrown back in the system and have to start again in phase 1 with week 1, you can manually skip yourself forward to the right place again.

My personal tip: Be careful dear mama, even if you feel like you are absolutely athletic to shorten your postnatal workout, try to follow the MOVE IT MAMA plan and not overload your body right away. After all, there’s a reason why our team of experts decided to stretch the postnatal program to 40 weeks. By the way, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your pre-baby body back before then. But in order to feel healthy and strong in the long term, please do not shorten the program, especially in the beginning.

Collections – with over 200 Workouts for you

This is our highlight! A collected collection of workouts that you can filter to your phase. However, your phase is already preset, but you can make a different selection in the filter to sniff other pre- and postnatal phases. Workouts may well appear here in multiple categories and phases. Instead of going with our seven workout series, we’ve gone to other categorizations here based on what our moms want:

  • Upper Body Toning
  • Lower Body Toning
  • Whole Body Toning
  • Booty Shaper
  • Cardio
  • Abs&Core
  • Warm Up
  • Stretching&Mobility
  • Pelvic Floor
  • Breathwork
  • Relax&Unwind
  • Foam Roller

My personal tip: Whether and how many of these workouts you want to do (additionally), is of course completely up to you. But just take a look and let yourself be inspired! Thanks to the filter, you can be sure that the respective workout is also suitable for your phase.

Mama-Blog in the App with exclusive articles

There has never been anything like this! Within the app there will now also be a mommy blog. In addition to the general blog topics, you as a MOVE IT MAMA user will also have access to exclusive blog articles that can only be found in the app. So if you want to read more about various mommy topics and want to be well informed, you can look forward to this great extra feature!

Mama Workout

How to get the new App?

As soon as the new version is available, we will of course let you know again. Then you don’t have to do anything else but download an update of the app in the App Store or Google Play Store. If you already have a current subscription, there will be no additional costs. If you don’t have a subscription yet, you can still benefit from the discounted price now. And you can also test the app for seven days for free.

So just download the app and test it 🙂

As you can see, we are constantly working on improving our MOVE IT MAMA app. If you have any questions or ideas, my team and I are always happy to receive feedback at

Keep it Moving,

Yours, Birte.

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