Moms: you need a time-out too!

Being a mom isn’t always easy. To start with, our baby needs us day and night, then later we go back to work and have to juggle the kids, the husband, the job and the housework day in, day out. And maybe we’ve got a pet to add to the mix – so life seems like all work and no play. Hobbies, friends… we have to fight for these treats, usually involving some organized early planning. Inevitably, sometimes the ceiling comes crashing down and we struggle with ourselves and our life. And something becomes incredibly important: time management.

Use those free minutes and hours for YOURSELF!

15 minutes of MOVE IT MAMA can work wonders, but from time to time it’s also good to put a face mask on or go for a walk – even if it’s just for 15 to 30 minutes – it’s good for you and you’re doing something for YOURSELF! We moms tend to sacrifice ourselves – and in doing so we FORGET ourselves. Then comes the dissatisfaction, which we then happily offload to our loved ones. I’m as guilty as anyone of this; I know how it goes only too well. Of course, the men in our lives should take on some of the responsibility to give us some space and help us carry the weight. After all, we’re partners and that’s what partners do. But one thing is for sure: the lion’s share and the family management usually falls mainly to us.

Big mom hugs, love, Birte

Photo credit: ©CellagonCosmetics