Mom’s the word: All that glitters is not gold!

All that glitters is not gold!

We moms don’t have it easy these days. Particularly on social media, people are fighting to see who can get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies first – or who can be thinner, fitter, in better shape than they were before. It’s a bit like those guys in the ads, trying to outdo each other with photos of their cars, their houses, their yachts… And to achieve that goal of looking as slim and perfect as possible, people often choose super unhealthy routes: strict diets, extreme exercise programs. If you’re not thin, you’re nothing. That sure isn’t the right path to take so soon after delivery ‒ and it’s such a shame! Do we women really need that in our lives? Is the greatest goal really to be as beautiful and toned as possible, in less than four weeks? Isn’t it better to give ourselves some time to look after ourselves as we return to our old (or, alternatively, better) figures?

Our bodies have been put through their paces and we should be proud that we've brought a child into the world.

And we especially mustn’t forget: we’re all different, and we all have different tendencies. Some of us might naturally apparently spring back to our old figures super fast; others might need a bit longer to shed the baby pounds. I say “apparently”, because pregnancy hardly ever fails to leave a trace. Admittedly, I’m happy that I was able to regain my figure pretty quickly. I got out of the hospital to find I could fit back in my old jeans. BUT: My stomach doesn’t look like it used to. My skin has suffered, even though I didn’t get any tearing. On closer inspection, it looks kind of like a deflated balloon. I have to press the skin together to see it, but to me it’s visible. My belly button has also sagged right down. I use MOVE IT MAMA Mama’s Little Middle stomach exercises to train my tummy a little differently now; now I’m focusing on the deep muscles instead of doing heaps of crunches. It really helps, but the skin is still a little baggy. The traces of pregnancy are never going to vanish completely. But you know what? I love that! These things brought me my son.

What really matters is taking care of our bodies. Sport is a huge part of that. Discipline too. My motto is: moderate but regular. Try to make fitness a part of your life. My tip: schedule in a fixed time. For example, I do it before my husband and son get up in the morning. It’s always a challenge, but I feel great when I’ve done it and can start the day fresh and pepped up. My husband sometimes joins me too. Not only will you feel better and more toned, you’ll also experience a lot more strength and energy ‒ and that’s fantastic for your kids. A mom who can run around, be active, lives life to the full and doesn’t spend all the time struggling with herself – now THAT’S genuine, glittering gold for your kids and your partners!

So come on, Mamas, keep it moving!

Love, Birte