Are you wondering when you'll be able to go swimming again without any worries after giving birth? Or maybe you're a passionate sauna user and can't wait to finally get back into the sauna? Then we will clarify the most important questions for you today and give you useful tips. 
"The most important thing is to take enough vitamins" was probably the advice I got most often during my first pregnancy. But what does it even mean to take enough vitamins? And which vitamins are particularly important? Today we'll provide you with all the important information and tips on healthy nutrition during pregnancy, with a focus on essential nutrients. After all, I can't say it often enough: besides an active lifestyle, a balanced diet is the be-all and end-all for your baby's healthy development.
Alternative diets are becoming more and more popular. Young adults in particular are increasingly eating vegetarian or even vegan. In addition, many influencers show us how to live vegan throughout pregnancy and beyond… But is this really healthy, or are you harming yourself and your baby? Let's have a closer look on vegan diets during pregnancy.
It’s finally official, the Covid vaccination is recommended for pregnant women! Me too, I was vaccinated a few months ago when I was five months pregnant. Nevertheless, I still remember clearly the partly astonished, bewildered and – let's call them- strong reactions I was bombarded with afterwards. All I wanted was to encourage other moms-to-be because specially in the German speaking countries, women were hesitating to get vaccinated. In today's blog, I would like to address the most frequently asked questions to clear up the last prejudices on getting vaccinated against Covid19. After all we all need to be informed as best as possible in order to make the best decision for ourselves, those around us and the little babies we are carrying in us. 😉
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