Behind-The-Scenes! Birte Glang shares her experience: Today 1st trimester 2nd pregnancy

Dear Mom, as you may have noticed, I am currently in the middle of my second pregnancy. I would love to take you along on this journey and share with you my own personal experiences. #BabyNo2Loading

When do I notice that I am pregnant?

With the first pregnancy it usually takes a little longer until you really understand that you are pregnant, because you can not yet properly allocate the changes in your body. Or you are feverishly anticipating the pregnancy so much that you take a test very early ­čÖé I noticed it very late in my first pregnancy, but this time it was completely different. If I count back, I was actually always incredibly tired in the evenings from one day after fertilization!!! I would have preferred to always go straight to sleep when I put Cooper to bed, so no later than 8:00pm! Tiredness or exhaustion is just one of the many signs that tell you that you might soon be a mom.

I also felt very tired during the day, but it was worst in the evening. Then my period stopped and I took the test: pregnant!

We were so happy and everything happened so incredibly fast.

I think the strangest thing about the first trimester is that the body is already completely changing hormonally, but you don’t really feel the baby yet and that’s why everything is so unreal. On an ultrasound picture you can see only a hardly recognizable, tiny something and soon it will grow into a little person…

Nausea in pregnancy

“Nausea and vomiting are common during pregnancy, affecting about three-quarters of women,” says Dr. Patricia Van de Vondel, chief physician at the Porz am Rhein Women’s Clinic. Many Mamas-To-Be react then to certain smells (for example coffee, cigarettes) sensitively. But also fish, meat and eggs triggers a feeling of nausea for many pregnant women. This is because during pregnancy the olfactory and gustatory nerves are sharpened. It varies from woman to woman when the feeling occurs, some are particularly sick to the stomach in the morning, others more in the afternoon or at night.

In the 1st trimester of my now 2nd pregnancy I also had to struggle with this. Even if I didn’t have to throw up, I was nauseous every day from noon at the latest, and in the evening at six I would have preferred to go to sleep. I found working rather exhausting, and I didn’t enjoy it as much as usual. But I usually love working for MOVE IT MAMA. As an actress, I was taking some time off at that time anyway, so it came in handy ­čÖé

Hunger pangs – how much more can I eat?

Many expectant moms know it: the constant ravenous appetite. In fact, I always had the feeling that I could fight the initial nausea with small snacks. Snacks included everything from butter cookies to nuts, cake, or even just a second serving of lunch…it changed at least weekly.

Here I have to admit, if I hadn’t been a little careful about that, I definitely would have gone really wide here already. So you should definitely have your cravings under control and indulge them to a healthy extent, or consider what you can offer your body as an alternative. Because in this time your body does not need any increased calorie intake at all, that comes only with the 2nd and 3rd trimester.

Normally women gain 1,5-2 kg in the first trimester, some even lose weight because of nausea and vomiting. I didn’t gain any weight, but my body felt softer, which was confirmed by my husband and he liked it ­čÖé

If you’re wondering how to snack properly, just check out one of our previous blog articles again: in the article “Healthy Nutrition during Pregnancy” we already go into more detail about “proper snacking” and “cravings” and why several small meals are the best solution.

Protein can also help with cravings in principle. Some moms are better off having protein shakes than actually eating something when the nausea gets the best of them. I always recommend reaching for a multi-component protein here instead of the plain (whey) protein powder from the discount store.

My tip is to snack healthy! I then tried to put away most sweets and really fatty things and snack healthier instead. The main meals are also important.

My experience: balanced meals with good carbohydrates and proteins help to keep cravings under better control, even between meals. Spaghetti Bolognese, for example, is also great with whole grain pasta.

How much liquid should I consume?

It is very important to drink enough fluids during pregnancy, but I found it very difficult. While I can usually drink 3-4 liters of water a day, I could barely get a glass down. Strangely enough, it went better with water with sparkling water. Try to find out for yourself what suits you best, so that you get at least 2-3 liters per day.

I also had to give up my beloved green tea in the morning. Instead, I switched to fruit tea. However, if you can and want to, you can also drink caffeinated beverages. This is perfectly fine as long as it remains in a healthy extent.



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Sport in the first trimester

Of course, you should continue to be active in sports in the early stages of pregnancy. In the morning, however, I just felt limp! But usually that’s exactly when my sports time is. I then actually overcame my pig dog, but always did a slightly lighter program.

The MOVE IT MAMA workouts can be varied very well, and so I did a good mix of endurance and strength training every week. That means exactly the five workout groups that are shown to me in the first trimester in the weekly training plan at MOVE IT MAMA.


What really did it for me was: RELAX&ROLL IT MAMA.

Actually, it was only now that I really understood why we, together with the MOVE IT MAMA team of experts, developed this workout the way we did. This re-balance workout series does include stretching and relaxation exercises, but at the same time it is still a bit strenuous in the first trimester and on some days this was just the right thing to do. It was only after the workout that I was actually able to do anything else, and so I was still able to start the day quite well.

My tip: Start gently, don’t take on too much, but try to persevere! You will feel better afterwards, also just a cardio workout will get your circulation going and help you feel better. Then at best you will feel less nauseous and fit for the day!

Worries during the first trimester

Especially in early pregnancy, many things are still uncertain and everything can suddenly turn out differently than you think. And I admit that even my joy was still restrained at the beginning, because I didn’t want to be disappointed in case something went wrong. Too often I hear about miscarriages especially in the first weeks, unfortunately this is not uncommon, but still of course you don’t want it. A healthy lifestyle significantly reduces the likelihood of experiencing a miscarriage.

And so I tried to reconcile everything with good nutrition, a balanced sports program and also enough sleep. But the latter is often very difficult for me, too, due to my job and family, which of course takes up a lot of time. But now my body has actually almost forced me to do it, I have even partially built in small naps. Highly recommended if you can fit it in!

In my first pregnancy I suffered from insomnia especially in early pregnancy, they say that the body is already adjusting to the lack of sleep after the birth. It quasi already times trained and so I could not sleep then regularly from 2-4 o’clock. If you feel like that, try meditation music, read a book and try to stay calm. There is no point in getting upset, it won’t make you fall asleep sooner. It will pass, remember.

Difference to the first pregnancy

Otherwise, I must say that in contrast to the first pregnancy, I have experienced the current first trimester much more, because I knew more or less from day one! On the one hand, I had an awareness of the pregnancy in the first place and am already going through everything for the second time. On the other hand, thanks to my now existing expertise through MOVE IT MAMA and the constant exchange with mothers, doctors and midwives, I am much more in the know.

And as much as I had to struggle with nausea and fatigue, I found and still find it exciting to be able to experience everything on my own body again now. It is an absolute miracle! And I can reassure you, for almost everyone the nausea and fatigue is over after the first three months or at least gets much better, because then you are in for the feel-good trimester, as they like to call the 2nd trimester.


I now found it especially fun that I myself can read the weekly mommy news in our app and see how much it does hit home! At this point I would like to thank the great MOVE IT MAMA team of experts. It is now especially fun to be right in the middle of things again and to be able to experience everything from the beginning!


I’m looking forward to continue sharing everything with you and I’m excited about the further course of my second pregnancy. On our Instagram channel @moveitmama_official you will now get weekly updates from me and also in the blog and newsletter I will report regularly. And if you like, feel free to send me your experiences, special experiences. Or send me questions that are on your mind to

Keep it Moving,

Your Birte.

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