A very warm welcome to MOVE IT MAMA!

I’m so pleased you’re here and are interested in my program MOVE IT MAMA. I developed my fitness concept especially for moms-to-be and new moms, alongside a number of experts, to deliver the best-possible program for you and your body in different circumstances. I just want you to have fun with it!

Not only can you expect some great workouts tailored precisely to the different phases of pregnancy and recovery, but also some great tips, tricks, recommendations, life hacks and trends concerning life as a mom. By the way, MOVE IT MAMA can also be a lasting fixture in your life – even after recovery. The exercises target the entire body as well as the deep musculature and get you fit from top to toe.

Of course I'm always happy to hear what you have to say: What do you like? What's missing for you? What would you like to see? Just drop me a line at… and I'll make every effort to get back to you as soon as I can.

I am Birte Glang, new mom, actress, model, brand ambassador, fitness junkie, law graduate & wife. I’m so happy that I can take you with me on my journey, reporting back from everyday life, about my son Cooper and our life between the TV cameras and our sofa at home.
So I guess now all that’s left to say is: have a great time exploring and experimenting with MOVE IT MAMA!

Let`s start the MOVE IT MAMA movement!

Love, Birte